Monthly Archives: February 2014

Well played Coinkite

I was checking out Canadian based (my wife’s hometown of Toronto) Bitcoin processor Coinkite.  They’ve got a claim on their FAQ that says:

  • Reliable support—we answer emails—go ahead and try.

So I thought I’d give it a shot.  I found a typo on their developer page, which seemed like a good thing to report.

Check out the emails.. total time to fix the page and respond to me.. under 2 minutes.

Coinkite you are my heroes for today.



Crypto hacking

As some of you know I’m pretty much swamped in crypto-currency programming, research, and promotion these days.  I’m sponsoring first prize and am working with Brian and Sheradyn in planning and running the Madworks Crypto-Currency Hackaton in 10 days.

We’ve already got great response and that was before this article came out. I’m looking forward to a really fun/hectic day. A special thanks to Greenpoint Funds and Foley & Lardner for ponying up the cash for the other prizes and meals.  It’s good to see people outside the programmer community interested in the crypto$ scene.

I’ve been doing a number of things in preparing for the hackathon including, getting miners set up, saving off preloaded blockchain data, and a few other tasks to help participants get up and running quickly.

Hope to see everyone there…