Evernote & Trello – two tools that make my life better

In the last year since I left my job as CTO at Sonic Foundry I’ve found myself having to survive on my own without an IT staff.  This means I’ve had to deal with the everyday tasks of setting up network storage, maintaining a network, dealing with software, contacts, email and all the other stuff you take for granted when you work in a company. On that note I just wanted to quickly make a post on 2 tools that really do make my life better on a daily basis. 

The first one is Evernote.  By now most of you probably know about this piece of software but if you don’t go to the link right now and install it.  You can come back and read the rest of this later.  Go..now..I’m serious…..
Evernote is your notepad for everything.  I use it all the time when I travel.  Recently I was in Las Vegas playing poker and I ran into a guy who I had met in Reno.  Because of Evernote I was able to completely freak him out. When he sat down at the table I called him by name and then asked him how his trip to Cancun ended up. I use it for flight/hotel reservations.. taking pictures of wine labels I like, web pages with programming info, and just about anything else I can possibly take a note on.  The program is free but you can pay $5 a month if you find it useful.  Pay them the $5 you will get more than that in use.

The other free program I stumbled on recently is trello If you’re constantly making lists of things you need to do, or even worse, you don’t, then this is your tool.  Trello allows you to create tasks and keep track of them in a really simple and intuitive manner.  It uses boards to tell you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process. Live Evernote it’s one of those tools that you won’t know how great it is until you start using it.  Go to trello, make a free account and then just start making lists of stuff to do.  You’ll thank me later.

One thought on “Evernote & Trello – two tools that make my life better

  1. Kyle Brandon

    I've been using Evernote for awhile now but this is the first I've seen Trello. Loving it so far. Finding it a very nice way to see what everyone is working on and tracking work items within or group.


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