On my way!

I’m “On my way!” to Mexico for my annual house building trip.  Each year I join my dad and about 100 others to build 5 houses outside Tecate.    It’s always a test in connectivity since we stay at a small ranch with lots of bunk beds and iffy wireless.  It’s also a serious test of my rudimentary Spanish.

I fly out to San Diego a day ahead of time to buy tools and such so last night I dropped in a local Mexican restaurant to grab some food.  While I was waiting I heard a guy say to his girlfriend/wife “Not only are you ruining my life but you’re ruining my meal as well”.  Classy.

Can someone tell my why Apple decided that the auto-correct in the IPhone should change “omw” to “On my way!”.  Really Apple?  We don’t all know what omw means?  Someone there decided that we should all look super cheery with “On my way!”. I don’t know why this bugs me so much.

Nos vemos!

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